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Bedrock bath

What kind of thing is the topic rock bath recently?


The bedrock bath has the same effect and efficacy as hot springs and has attracted attention as a facility with less burden on the body than hot springs,It is something like a bath without hot water.


On the warmed stone, laying on a towel and so on so as not to burn, lay down as clothes without being naked,It is aimed at various health effects including detoxification effect while putting out sweat.


It is a feature of the rock bath that you do not need hot spring drilling and bathtub with high capital investment and you can sweat a lot with the publication function beyond sauna.


The bedrock in the rock bath is a mechanism where the heat source installed under the ore plate warms the stone and the stone releases far infrared rays.


Because this far infrared ray conveys thermal energy deeply to the human body, metabolism promotes, there is body poisoning excretion action by promotion of perspiration and urination,Also, because cancer cells constantly occurring due to harmful substances entering the body are also vulnerable to this heat, bedrock baths can prevent cancer and prevent the recurrence of cancer.


Other beauty and health effects expected in rock bathing include improving cold and blood circulation, improving natural healing power / immunity, beautifying skin effect, stiff shoulder stiffness,Diet effect, prevention of aging, promotion of metabolism, relaxation of constipation, detoxification effect, stress relief and relief etc. can be mentioned.