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The dry skin prevention

When it is winter in particular, are there not many people troubled with dry skin?


However, it is a fact that there are many people to deteriorate without knowing the method of the right dry skin prevention.


For the dry skin prevention, it is important to know the cause.


There is an acquired thing that the cause to become the dry skin is native generally.


One such as atopic dermatitis has many it; take a long view, and let's keep company with dry skin while it being difficult to let recover completely because is heredity when is congenital, and being delicious, and using the method of the dry skin prevention.


Lipid and the sebum between the keratin cell in the skin decrease and have the drying of acquired skin generated with the cosmetics which do not go with aging and skin because evaporation repressibility for the water decreases from skin, and water from skin evaporates.


I may be improved by knowing the right dry skin prophylaxis.


The dry skin prophylaxis is six mainly.


Avoiding keeping the heating as a minimum, and keeping it in mind for the humidity improvement of the room, the long-time bathing with the hot water,


A liquid and the creamy detergent and face wash do not use a large quantity (I avoid it if I can do it), and a thing, underwear and the night clothes to paint with a humectant after a thing, bathing to avoid strong stimulation to the skin with towels immediately choose the cotton goods which finish including water.
I may let a symptom relieve by continuing the dry skin prevention of above six every day.