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Foot pot

The foot massage is a kind of so-called reflexology.


I massage the stiffness which I collect to the foot like uric acid and lactic acid, and brings harm and dismantle it by a hand massaging a foot pot and am a method to push it back in blood, and to excrete.


I make the blood circulation better and prevent a blood circulation disorder and can thereby raise self-healing power.


It is big, and the foot massage is divided into Orient expression foot massage to massage relaxation with a main Western expression foot massage aimed for and the joint of the finger well.


I think that I feel the foot massage of the Orient expression to be hurt until I am used, but what an effect is early, and appear features it.


The Western-type foot massage that massage is soft as for the case to go for for the purpose of relaxation and the beginner who have not been yet used to a foot massage is recommended than I ease stiffness.


The foot massage can undergo a surgical operation in a beauty treatment salon or the store specializing in aromatherapy other than the store specializing in foot pots, and the chain store where is specialized in a foot massage is developed recently in the downtown area.


As for the rate and the course, the surgical operation method, the surgical operation time, let's choose the shop which there was as oneself after confirming a course or a rate beforehand when I go all to the shop rushingly by a shop.