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Pore care

Anyone is worried about the darkening of a pore that is the pore regardless of a man.


Pore care to buy a oneself pack, and to remove a corner stopper clogged up in a pore is the simplest.


There are many pore care packs of the type to put a seat on the part worried about a nose or the rotation directly, and to tear off, but the pore care packs to paint with a pore care pack and cream to tear off after painting with cream, and drying, and to wash away are sold.


However, the pore care by such a pore pack may put a big burden on skin adversely.


Let's keep use frequency listed in a pore pack or time to dry it well not to put a burden on skin.


For example, putting at time having a long it keeps on a dirt and the darkening of the pore being produced more, or having put a pore pack for cause long time, and an intention of the pore care is big one burdening you for skin adversely though I say that the darkening of the pore is not readily produced and repeat a pore pack every day though use frequency is listed with 1-2 times in a week and am listed with less than ten minutes at time to put a pore pack.


In addition, the use to a part with a pimple and inflammation is not good.


I injure an affected part, and inflammation is caused more and becomes the big hole and stain.


In addition, the pore care after having removed pore jamming and darkening in a pore pack is important.


I tighten a pore in cold water or an astringent if we remove darkening and a dirt, and let's take care of a pore preparing skin with a lotion cleanly.


At the same time, the plentiful hydration is important. It is the most important for pore care to keep moisture.