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Natural supplement

The supplement that a nutritional aid is easily made is a product of the extreme popularity for busy modern people and a woman minding beauty, health.


This supplement is divided into two to "a natural supplement" or "a synthetic supplement" by the nutrient, and an effect is totally different each.


One of University of Washington and a certain researcher perform the following announcement.


If "the supplement is not a natural ingredient, the nutrient does not work in the body".


Because the receptor in the cell throws a composition aside, as for the simple thing of the chemical formula, even a synthetic supplement knows that there is an intake effect like vitamin C which is popular in the recent study that, by the way, there is not a meaning that I assimilated, but an effect is thin so as to be complexity of the molecular structure if it is not a nature supplement.


However, actually, production sells "the composition supplement" which can control a cost price by "the synthetic nutrient" which many supplement makers can make from cheap materials such as "oil" or "glucose" in large quantities.


Because the nature supplement on the other hand is the natural food which condensed a genuine nutrient, the cost price suffers, but it is said that the attitude of the amount effect is big.


Let's choose "the natural supplement" if we expect a result to a supplement by the effect in the true meaning that is not soothing!


In addition, raw materials "are nature ," but, as for the chemosynthetic done thing, it cannot be said with the nature supplement in "a compound" like corn and a potato to the last.


When I choose the supplement in a shop, it is a natural supplement or is a synthetic supplement or I watch indication well and will choose you!