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Foot swelling

The lower body such as feet, calves, thighs is a part of overworking in standing work and sitting work, especially women are very easy to swell.


Foot massage is a very effective way to eliminate these swelling and lower body swelling.


Since there are numerous vases on the foot and soles, by lightly stimulating the vase by massage or shiatsu,You will be able to anticipate the effect of promoting blood circulation, taking leg swelling and eliminating it.


Effective massage to swollen legs, slowly unraveling the space between the fingers of the hand with hands, just turning the ankle around with Kurukuru,You can promote accumulated extra water and blood flow and detox.


Also, by sweeping the soles of all the nerves concentrated, you can stimulate the foot.


Even in the sense of balancing the body, at the beginning gentle, feeling more and more gradually While applying the force about one step before you feel it,Let's massage your feet firmly with your fingers.


The method of massage to solve the swelling of the legs of the calf will raise as it draws a circle from the ankle to the knee.


Massage of the thigh part, while vibrating the thigh part with Buruburu and hands,If you massage slightly more strongly along the flow of the lymph, you can take a foot swollen.


The massage of the lower body is enough about once a day for about 15 minutes.


Successfully swelling legs every day in succession has the effect of restoring fatigue, and it becomes a body that cellulite does not stick.