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Aroma oil

Aroma oil is the volatile oil which extracted the active ingredient of plants such as the herb.


The aroma oil may be called essential oil (essential oil), but there are generally many these names and seems to be used so that a person and a beginner unfamiliar to aromatherapy in particular are easy to know it.


The aroma oil extracts an active ingredient from a leaf and the flower of the plant, a rind of a fruit, the bark, resin, and, as for the fragrance and the ingredient, the effect varies by the plant because it is different.


There are kinds more than 300 kinds to aroma oil.


A great many plants are required to extract an active ingredient (need the flower arrangement of 50 roses, e.g., to extract one drop of aroma oil of Rose); a lot of expensive things exist to save it.


However, there is a lot of it when I say closely because the name called the aroma oil is a meaning called the oil to merely spend it for merely aromatherapy when purity transcribes artificial oil (cheap things such as fragrance oil or the potpourri oil) which is not the oil which is not 100% and nature fragrance with aroma oil and sells it.


I recommend that the which wants to enjoy aromatherapy healthfully purchases the aroma oil of purity 100% if I choose the thing with notation such as "100% Pure & Natural" or "Pure Essential Oil" because there is not a mistake.