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Nail care

I say the appendage nail on hand, finger and the neighboring care or charge account nail-related care, but I generally put the art such as colors for a nail, and nail care is what I be accompanied and it is beautiful and fixes the length of processing and the nail of the scarfskin including what I show by nails and it is beautiful and shows.


Because age is easy to appear on the parts such as a hand in particular or the elbow, anti-aging is a necessary part.


The nail care by the spa splits finely and is effective against hand rough weather.


I remove an internal waste material and toxin from the way by aromatherapy massage with the oil of an elbow, and there are an effect and the relaxation effect by the fragrance to soften the pain of the muscle and gives skin moisture and can fix the condition.


In addition, I remove the scarfskin which has lengthened too much and, at the time of nail care of the scarfskin, moisturize it with oil.


Because a healthy nail grows by moisturizing it while giving moderate stimulation, the troubles such as two pieces of nails will decrease.


The color durability improves when I make the art such as colors on a pick prepared in the state that the nail care is enough for.


However, it may lead to two pieces of nails and jagger, inflammation of the skin when I take the wrong method of the nail care by one's selfish interpretation.


In addition, influence may be reflected on growth itself of the nail when I leave them.


The person without a nail care beginner and confidence recommends that I entrust a professional.