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Hand swelling

I stand, and the powerful enemy of the woman, swelling, the swelling take the for a long time same posture by work or stability work about the state that extra water collected in the member and are a symptom to have at time when I am ill-conditioned, and the internal organs do not function normally.


When the woman who is why says whether bodies are swelled well, as for the woman, there are many people that a foot and a face are particularly swollen in the morning because subcutaneous fat is softer than a man.


I hear swelling of a foot and the face well, are there not few people being aware of manual swelling? ?


A hand particularly the finger is the place that is easy to be considerably swelled.


When you go out in the morning, though a ring enters smoothly, it is hard to enter for some reason and I come back and am hard to take off the treasure, and do you not cut into a finger all the time?


It is hand swelling.


In cold winter, it is hard to have favorite slim gloves, and a finger is hard to bend, and is it not hard to catch a thing?


It is hand swelling.


Generally the swelling of the upper body is nature and a thing to get in the morning, but it is effective massage and to stretch if it feels hand swelling.


I put the finger of right and left together and catch the root of the finger to take the hand swelling and push it out in front of the hand which I put together in front of a chest and will bend it so that a palm turns in the other side of the body.


In addition, hand swelling is produced while putting the other finger on one palm just to bend one finger.