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Natural make

Speaking of makeup which is highly sensitive to men and also to women ・・・ The voice "Natural makeup after all!" Is overwhelming.


But please do not make big misunderstanding that natural makeup = thin.


Successful natural makeup says it looks beautiful though it does not seem to make it,It is a make-up that does not disturb individuality while drawing out the charm of yourself to the maximum.


And natural makeup is unexpectedly handy.


Cheek first.


It is indispensable for natural makeup that tends to be thin.


Let's care about color selection and how to put it.


And makeup eyebrows.


The more you care about holding down the color of the other parts, the darker the eyebrows are.


Although it is thin it can be found that there is a presence.


And eye shadow and lipstick.


We recommend brown type and beige type pink which are familiar to skin color.


And above all, skin. Foundation emphasizes absolutely bare skin.


Make skin with luster and gloss with liquid and cream rather than overlapping powder.


The end is eye line.


Eyeline is indispensable for beauty level ups.


Let's go with a pencil rather than becoming dark in a liquid.


If you blur the edge of the line with a cotton bud to finish it will not fail.


Mascara should also have transparent mascara.


But even in black mascara it is possible to show it to natural makeup if you do not put on it a lot.