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Makeup for eyebrows

Speaking of eyebrow makeup, it is recommended to do an art make.


Eyebrows are said to greatly influence the impression of the face, and depending on how to kill it will affect life as well.


Originally it is said that the purpose of making makeup was to prepare the lines of the eyebrows.


There are many dissatisfied with the shape and color of eyebrows, and there are so many people who have trouble.


Eyebrows are thin, dense, bad shape and so on, but their troubles are diverse, but can be freed from such troubles by art makeup.


Eyebrow art makeup is to draw three main lines of eyebrows (near eyebrows near straight lines, eyebrows near semicircles, natural eyebrows).


As the eyebrow line varies depending on the trend, the curvature and the thickness of the arch change, so to make it the ideal eyebrow line


It is important to carefully counsel before making an art makeup.


Especially when it is too thin due to overdrawing etc, so that it will not become unnatural when making from nearly zero,Let's tell your image firmly.


Because eyebrow art makeup requires careful line introduction,


We usually put the color every 2 weeks and the treatment is divided into 2 to 3 treatments.


Periodic maintenance is of course necessary to keep clean eyebrow lines after treatment.


If we do not adjust anything, if it is a short person it disappears almost in about two years,Let's go regularly to get a line of new eyebrows.