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Skin care

It means that I take care of the skin with the skin care.


Because it is made to play role even if originally the skin leaves it, it functions enough even if I do not do skin care in one of healthy life under beautiful environment in particular.


However, it is the times when the advancing modern society of stress and the environmental disruption is very severe for the skin.


Both the composition of a dirt attaching to skin by air pollution and an environmental change and the quantity come to have very bad quality, and the quantity of ultraviolet rays increases by ozone depletion again, and the person lives a life in that at a place of the low land and high humidity that an air conditioner and the heating worked for under sealed environment and is the society where a person is which I go to the tanning salon again, and bullies skin.


In such modern society, it is skin care that do a help to raise ability of the self-care that skin originally has.


There are three important roles "to keep a fixed temperature" "to keep internal water" "to protect a body from the foreign enemies such as bacteria" to skin.


The skin care is a method to keep skin in good health unlike makeup.


However, it is not to go to the expensive basic cosmetics and beauty treatment salon. On the contrary, I can be rather to damage skin for excessive skin care and a wrong skin care method.


It is only the right skin care keeping skin clean, preventing drying of the skin, protecting skin from ultraviolet rays, these three that stood!


From today, let's practice it at once.