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The makeup groundwork

The makeup groundwork is cosmetics to use to make paste of the make better after skin care.


As for the foundation and the teak playing a key role made with skin, there are a liquid state and the thing becoming creamy so that a lot of powder-like things are easy to settle, but after all comes off by movement and the sweat of the face, sebum or wind with time.


However, the rice cake of the paste of the foundation and the makeup improves very because I can fix the appearance of the skin with moisture smoothly when I use the makeup groundwork well.


It is how to choose makeup groundwork that fitted oneself, but a color and fluency, various things including the suntan lotion effect are pointed.


Let's choose you after grasping a color and a state of one's skin well without receiving it when I choose the color.


When the person worried about the badness of white, creamy and the complexion does the person worried about pink, a reddish tinge and a pimple trace in green or blue, a person worried about translucency and dullness of the skin is effective.


In addition, in a season to be worried about ultraviolet rays, the UV cut makeup groundwork with the suntan lotion effect will be good.


In addition, in a one's skin state, I match it with easy drying and quality of being an oil and choose you whether it is a type at all, or it is a type with moisture.


It is difficult to keep it by all means as morning and hangs the beautiful skin in the evening in in the afternoon and is worried about a break and an oily look.


Because a break or the prevention of the oily look are studied as for the makeup groundwork every day, and a new thing appears in every season, please find the correct groundwork to right or wrong oneself.