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Lifestyle-related disease

It is the ill generic name that is caused by continuing a lifestyle burdening the body, and, according to the name, there is the kind that there is a great many it what kind of disease a lifestyle-related disease to threaten us is.


Because an adult was easy to appear before, I was called geriatric diseases, but changed in the name called the lifestyle-related disease because ill among lower aged people advanced by the change of the eating habits and the lifestyle, and even a child often suffered now.
"Obesity" "high blood pressure" "high fat blood" "diabetes" is easy to be complicated in particular each other and I give speed in what I am complicated with, besides, more and, in a lifestyle-related disease, can cause arteriosclerosis or myocardial infarction.


In addition, a condition progresses secretly with there not being subjective symptoms, and these four characteristics of illness are more likely to cause the serious diseases such as a heart trouble or the cerebro-vascular disease.


In addition, "cancer" "stroke" "heart disease" said to be three major lifestyle-related diseases in the lifestyle-related disease that I have of a number occupies approximately 60% of the Japanese cause of death.


Attention in particular is necessary for these diseases about life and death in a lifestyle-related disease.


The preventive basics are available to two points of performing the exercise that I can continue without unreasonableness not having a balanced meal at fixed time of three times a day and a hard exercise program steadily every day.