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Yoga often seen in newspapers and magazines.


It is good for the body, I have a diet effect ・・ I often hear, but what kind of things are there?


Here are some yoga styles.


【Hatha Yoga】
Hatha yoga is a way to do it through the body using the breathing method.


Originally yoga was a meditation as a stamp, but the one that introduced the movement of the body for the introduction is Hatha Yoga.


【Raja Yoga】
It is a style aiming for "enlightenment" and "disengagement" through meditation.


It is yoga for advanced people whose spiritual world is the center.


[Picram Yoga]
It is a common style to take 26 kinds of poses in a room with the same heat as a sauna which warmed the room temperature to around 40 degrees.


Especially focusing on diet is called Bikram Yoga.


[Integral Yoga]
Integral yoga is a style based on Indian basic yoga based arrangement.
It is aimed at integrally learning yoga and communicating a lifestyle with yoga.


【Ananda yoga】
It is a very classical style, gentle yoga.


It is aimed at harmony between the physical body and the spirit with emphasis on internal feeling.


【Power Yoga】
Because it has more exercise and more calorie consumption than traditional yoga, it is an American style that is effective for tightening diet and body.


【Kripal Yoga】
In the style that emphasizes individual autonomy and individuality, time and counts to change to one pose are free.


If yoga is a spiritual discipline, Pilates emphasizes physical exercise.


To put it simply, it is exercise that incorporates the movement of yoga.