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Scalp care

Much one is an itch and inflammation of the scalp, steatorrhea-related dermatitis with intense dandruff for the symptom of the scalp trouble.


This is in condition to have inflammation by having left sebum secreted with sweat.


When I just leave you unattended


Because inflammation spreads, with weak steroid medicine for external application, scalp care to suppress inflammation is necessary.


Anyway, the care of the scalp does not stimulate a scalp too much, and it is the first to keep clean!


I may sometimes suffer from contact-related dermatitis in shampoo or treatment.


The feature of it is that a symptom comes out to the others on the back of the head and the ear, the scruff, a back, but the special scalp care is not necessary, and cases to solve by being good, and washing away treatment are often found.


I wash it with an intention of the scalp care roughly too much and am not good adversely when I intend to take care of the hair which ached and leave you unattended with touching treatment for a long time.


When it washes hair, it is an art of the scalp care to massage kindly to dissolve extra sebum in shampoo, and to be crowded.


It becomes the scalp care to prevent you from rubbing it into a scalp as if touching the treatment in the point of a brush.


It is relieved only by scalp care to make up for a humectant to a scalp if I seem to be worried about small dandruff.


I can substitute even hand cream and a baby lotion.