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Double cosmetic surgery

I am very popular in the cosmetic surgery, and the double cosmetic surgery is performed a lot.


This double cosmetic surgery includes the burying method of the incision method and the minor cosmetic surgery using the female.


I bury the exclusive special nylon thread which is thinner than hair under eyelids, and the most common burying method makes a double line with an epoch-making method to do to a double eyelid in double cosmetic surgery without using the female.
Because I do not cut it in direct females like all incision & eyes incisions, the postoperative scar is not left and can get two folds fixed easily because there is little swelling.


Again as for the operative time of approximately around 15 minutes is short.


Because the double eyelid of the natural feeling that birth is with it is made when I use this method, there is no unnaturalness that made a quite double line.


Because I can put it back even if the minor cosmetic surgery fails, in the case of two folds of particularly first cosmetic surgery, it seems to be often recommended by the burying method.


The incision method cuts skin of the outer corner of the eye and sews up an upper eyelid, lower eyelids while taking tension each.


Because not only I widen the width of eyes and go berserk, and the head sees it, but also a position of the outer corner of the eye is changed, it is the surgical operation method that is used when I want to cure drooping eyes and tree eyes.


Because this is the extremely natural finish, there is the person who I put the eyes incision method and doubleness art together to give more effects, and receives doubleness cosmetic surgery.