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Skin aging

When the human skin is over in it at 25 years old in a sad thing at the peak, it begins to gradually decline, and skin aging begins.


A young cell becomes half quantity in the peak at 40 years old.


Because the skin aging is a thing not to be able to avoid, I cannot check it by the current science, medical technology.


However, quality and the gene which it is born for some reason that a person is that I look older than a person, age to look young for age and had are said to be it when there is individual difference in speed of the aging again.


However, the person looking young is not reason that skin does not age, and skin age and the skin aging are the things which do not know it visually.


The skin is surely strong in influence to the youth of the appearance, and it is deep, and the epidermis in the outside, the dermis with blood vessel and the nerve in the depths are concerned with the skin divided into three of the subcutaneous tissue made of the fat with youth of the skin mainly most.


The cause to let skin aging progress is the unexpectedly imminent place.


When ultraviolet rays continue disagreeing for long time, and the active oxygen that it is superabundant as a cause produces sleep shortage and stress, smoking and the exercise that it is impossible to do, the imbalance of the eating habits, I gradually destroy collagen and the structure (dermis) of the elastin and break a skin cell.


It becomes the cause that this promotes skin aging.


There are various factors for skin aging, but tension and elasticity of the skin are lost by stress or ultraviolet rays by gradually repeating age.