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How to drink supplements

Familiar supplements even in combination and drugstore.


However, it is about how to drink the correct supplement that is not known unexpectedly.


Let 's get the correct knowledge about how to drink supplements.


It depends on things, but basically it is easy to be absorbed by the body, the way to drink supplements is basically to drink with one cup of water.


There is no effect in drinking with tea or coffee.


Caffeine, tannin, etc. will be together with nutrients, absorption will be worse.


Also, let's drink after meals rather than before meals.


Because supplements are absorbed with food, drinking within 30 minutes after meals results in much more efficiency.


Also important in drinking supplements is to drink after consulting your family doctor.


Depending on the type, there are things that affect the body with that way of drinking.


Especially if you take medicine it may reduce its effect.


Also, of course, excessive drinking is also legal.


If you do not keep proper usage and dosage in the way you drink supplements according to the label, health disorders sometimes appear.


Storage of supplements is in a sealed condition, cool and dark place is the basis.


Read careful notes carefully and keep them as instructed.


It is the first time to drink supplements, but let's begin with multivitamin.


Higher effects can be expected by mutual actions of nutrients.