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With germanium (Germanium), as for the carbon group of the 14 group, the symbol of an element, Ge, the atomic weight are elements of 72.64 with atomic number 32.


It was wide, and a German chemist has been used as one of the industrial materials with the semiconductor elements which I discovered in a silver ore until now.


However, in late years, from the electronic property of the semiconductor which amplify it when contact with temperature more than 32 degrees, and rectifies, medical; came to attract attention healthfully.


The hot spring including the germanium ingredient promotes the blood circulation and is said to be effective in promoting the discharge of the waste material.


The health goods to cure stiff shoulder or poor circulation using such an effect are popular.


A germanium electron comes in contact with a living body electric current of the human body by putting germanium on the body with such a health goods and returns disorder of the neuronal electric potential balance to cause stiffness or the pain normally and is structure to activate nerve cells.


In addition, germanium works to keep a pH level in blood normally to move the electron in blood in response to temperature.


In other words, as a result, I help with the discharge of a waste material of blood such as cholesterol and I purify blood and can promote the blood circulation.


I remove the unpleasant symptoms such as stiffness or the pain of the whole body, and immunity and the natural healing power improve, and there is the anti-aging effect.