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Detox now has become a topic in television, magazines, newspapers etc, and I can see that word anywhere.


It feels like a difficult language, but in reality it is very familiar to us.


Detox refers to detoxification, removing harmful substances for the body and discharging it out of the body.


Then what is toxic substance and harmful substance for the body?


For example, from meals, lifestyle habits, tooth padding, exhaust gas, alcohol and tobacco, and stress also cause poisoning.


It is a toxin that can not be avoided in order for us to live normally, which will accumulate without knowing nothing.


So what kind of detox method is used to remove such toxins?


One thing that goes to a salon with a detox effect like esthetic, bedrock bath, germanium hot bath, for example.


It is also effective to improve dietary habits by intake of foods with high detoxifying effect with high petit fasting, excretion and diuretic effect recently,Of course you can sweat by light exercise such as yoga and stretch.


Besides aromatherapy, intestinal cleansing, acupuncture, herbs, supplements, lymphatic massage, bath salts etc ...


It is detoxification that can be started from surprisingly familiar places.


It is important to continue patiently, so let's start from something in a reasonable range every day little by little! It is!