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Minor cosmetic surgery

I say a surgical operation to improve the form of the facial features and the mouth, an outline, a wrinkle or a hollow of the skin only during several months without using the female with a kind of the vanity surgery with the minor cosmetic surgery.


The rate of the minor cosmetic surgery is more reasonable than a surgical operation of the vanity surgery, and there are few pains, and the people using it in the form called the trial before a change and full-scale vanity surgery operate because a surgical operation is often over in no time increase.


In addition, the point to let you become younger that becomes beautiful naturally because it is not a large-scale surgical operation with leaving a quality of oneself is a secret of popularity.


However, of course it is accompanied by the risk even if I say minor cosmetic surgery because a surgical operation is a surgical operation.


About both surgical operations, in the case of the counseling, I am careful enough and will confirm it until I can understand oneself.


In addition, in the minor cosmetic surgery, the surgical operation terminates in only the brief injection, and the completion is soft, and there are many things which there is not of the sense of incongruity.


For example, there are the wrinkle of the eye and a method to let skin regain tension and luster to get loose by injecting hyaluronic acid and human collagen.


When the skin after the surgical operation touches it, it is very soft, and there is not the unnaturalness of the appearance.


In addition, an injection is used for rhinoplasty by the minor cosmetic surgery.
It is a method to raise a nose by injecting hyaluronic acid and Pyrrha then, a serge term (next-generation hyaluronic acid), aqua gel.


This minor cosmetic surgery does not have a pain and the scar after the surgical operation either, and the touch is very soft, too, and there is no sense of incongruity.