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Keratin care

What will the keratin be?


The keratin is made of hard protein called keratin.


When skin cornifies, the cell dies.


Because the keratin is about 28 diurnal parallax and is rebeared, it is on nature and the skin which it is white beautifully, and are fresh and young if a keratin is rebeared newly.


However, an old keratin just stays without being an irregular lifestyle, and being delicious, and being able to be rebeared when metabolism of the skin worsens because stress piles up.


Skin is stiff by this old keratin with a rattling sound and is dark, and there becomes easy to be the wrinkle.


In addition, because a keratin is tense, a lotion does not soak into skin well, and paste of the makeup worsens.


Keratin care is necessary to prevent this.


Keratin care is to remove an old keratin collecting on the surface of the skin.


With the back basal layer of the skin, the range of newer cells is gradually pushed up to the layer in the birth.


I reach the surface in approximately 28 days and wait to stay there for a while, and to come loose and fall.


Keratin care is to help with the work that this cell comes loose and falls.


Because the skin is rebeared every day, a several-year-old person needs the keratin care.


Keratin care is necessary for the pimple prevention on the young skin that sebum secretion is active.


In addition, I help you to keep skin smoothly and I break off dullness and a stain and draw translucency of the skin and can solve various skin troubles by keratin care.