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Nail tip

A nail tip is a tip (attachment claw) that can be removed freely.


If you use double-sided tape for nail tips it will not hurt your nails and you can remove it as many times as long as the nail tip does not break


It can be enjoyed easily.


This is suitable for when you want to have fun for a short time, such as during a party or date, and strength is weak so long time adhesion is a difficult method.


If you do it correctly, adhesion will last for the whole day.


When wearing with nail glue (adhesive), it lasts about 1 week, but it is not very good for hygiene.


When detaching the nail chip, it dissolves with acetone (dissolving agent) and takes it, so the chip is disposable.


Also, since using nail glue and acetone causes nails to hurt, this method can not be recommended much.


Choose a nail tip size to match your nail as possible.


Check the roots of your nails and the curves of the chips, scrape them along with the curve with a nail file called buffer, little by little,I will try to fit perfectly.


At this time, let your nails be as short as possible.


If your nail is long, it will not come in close contact, and you can not stick together beautifully.


Also, when attaching the nail tip, wash your hands firmly, wipe off all the nails lightly with alcohol or remover,


Retain dirt and oil firmly.