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Reiki Healing

Do you know the hygiene called the re smart healing?


This is a method called "the activation of the energy" that it is more mysterious, and is natural not a medical act and the aesthetics menu which give a body something.


I am connected with energy of the space which originally each human being has and measure activation of the life energy (energy with directionality with energy ground as the best best state), and the re smart healing is a method to adjust balance of the energy in the body to.


Because this is one of the methods of the ability development and is hygiene to give healing, it is not a medical act.


I adopt it in the living body by being connected to the space energy well, and the person can become the medium.


The adopted space energy turns into life energy in a body by re smart healing in this way.


From intellectual ability development such as a memory, concentration, judgement, creativity, the intuitive power, there is an effect for maintenance, promotion of the health, gentleness, the improvement of the quality of human beings such as the love, psychogenic improvement by letting this life energy activate by re smart healing more.


As for the method to utilize life energy, others of the re smart healing have the breathing method or qigong a lot.


This re lives, and the method that I can receive easily without choosing the place in anyone who it is the most practical, and has high effect in that is healing.