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Aroma massage

Please remember it.


A shoulder is stiff, and I rub it with nature by hand, and do you rub it when you come to have a stomach ache?


The massage is one of the hygiene that I wear since a human being was born.


Because I can let the body absorb an active ingredient of the essential oil (essential oil) which I extracted from a plant through skin effectively, the aroma massage is relaxation and refreshment and the method that of course are very effective for the skin from a heart.


When I give aroma massage, you will be using the massage oil which made essential oil with carrier oil (the vegetable oil which becomes the base when I make massage oil) in diluted form.


At first I take the oil in an appropriate amount hand and, for a method of the aroma massage, let it is good for both hands and be familiar.


I rub the point that you want to massage with both hands carefully easily, and, please rub it.


The basics are kind to the beginning in the movement of の three "to knock" on "massaging it"" to rub" and it is after it and gradually adds power.


In addition, a fatigue material and the waste material which collected to the body are effective because it is excreted to a lymphatic flow when I massage aroma by the flow that leading, leaves of the body from the bits such as hands and feet.


In addition, I infiltrate it slowly and carefully without washing away oil after aroma massage.


The aroma massage after one of bathing and light exercise of the blood circulation when perform it when is good, is more effective.