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Nail art

The nail art that anyone can simplify.


For the beginner, I introduce a kind of relatively gentle nail art technique this time.


It is a French nail to make a refined finger-tip loved by all people.
It is the method that creates a finger-tip sharply by stacking a line.


Because there is little failure if I put the enamel of the color of a similar shade, it is a recommended method for a nail art beginner.
I put translucent enamel on a base with a thin color.
Feel of a material with the depth appears when I use the enamel with lam for a tiptoe.


I ride enamel on a nail and am a method to mix it with quickly before longing, and to direct a design and a pattern.


For nail art, there are some illustration motifs used like a waterdrop, an animal, a flower, a strawberry, a leaf well.


D3D emboss
It is technique to build up in the mixture which I mixed acrylic powder and an exclusive liquid with to keep a three-dimensional impression for art plumply.


I can express gorgeous, gorgeous feel of a material as having been studded with jewels with popularity in particular in nail art.


It is on a fascinating finger-tip to copy a color and the form that I change an expression to movement and the angle of the finger-tip, condition per one of light, and glitter into variously.


Decided form does not have the nail art.


It is the first to enjoy nail art while trying various methods without being too much particular about a manual and technique too much.