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Folic acid supplement

A supplement has a kind in various ways.


One of the inside has what's called folic acid supplement.


The folic acid is water-soluble vitamins with a kind of the vitamin B complex.


It is particularly indispensable for a fetus and infants to act on composition and cytodifferentiation of DNA.


Therefore it is suggested that I take in a folic acid supplement during the pregnancy positively in particular.


A drop of pernicious anemia and the resistance may be brought by folate lack.


It is said that a healthier baby is born by taking in a folic acid supplement of the required amount in a good balance in early pregnancy, and it is said that I am related to the prevention of pregnant complications again.


In addition, I am said to be effective in the prevention such as lung cancer and the uterine cancer called the lifestyle-related disease, a heart attack, the stroke by the intake of the folic acid supplement.


It is excreted as urine other than the required amount without storing it in the body because the folic acid supplement is a kind of water-soluble vitamin B even if I take it in a lot at a time.


It is an inviolable rule I divide the folic acid supplement into noon, three times of the evening in the morning, and to drink.


Of course I keep the good eating habits of the balance in mind, and it is an ideal to consume from food if possible, but it will be one means that the modern people busy all the time supplement the deficit with a folic acid supplement efficiently.