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At first is that it is aromatherapy aromatherapy? The thinking one will have much と.


Originally it is only said, and the contents are identical to therapy in terra P, English in French that made the word to be called aromatherapy.


I inhale the oil which I adopted from a plant, and aromatherapy is a nature cure to perform by methods such as a compress, bathing, the massage.


This oil is easily absorbed from skin and reaches capillary and the lymph fluid and I circulate through the body and work on each organ.


In other words, with the lasting fragrance and ingredient of the plant, I taste a feeling of happiness, and what I make use of for health maintenance is aromatherapy.


At first the fragrance that I inhaled stimulates the sense of smell nerve of the brain.


The stimulation is transmitted to a place to control memory to be said to be a sea lion and the pituitary gland of the hypothalamus.


For example, I am effective in relaxing the stress caused by calming effect by a change and the increase in alpha wave, hormone decrease in heart rate when I smelled a fragrance.


In addition, aromatherapy includes two kinds of the medical aromatherapy and aesthetics aromatherapy.


As for the medical aromatherapy, oil prescription is a central method.


I approach it from various areas such as a lifestyle, meal contents, a trouble or the lifestyle and mix the oil which I matched with the person.


Aesthetics aromatherapy is the aromatherapy that is prosperous in the U.K.


I relax mind and body by the effect of the fragrance and let the body absorb oil through skin.


The improvement of the lifestyle is carried out at the same time, and massage operating for includes a relaxation effect.