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I give top priority to global environment protection and healthy life, and many keyword "Rojas" Rojas of what is greatly taken up in a newspaper and a magazine, the media is the generic name of people whom the earth expects lifestyle and it which is sustainable which can coexist in peace and prosperity from with the human recently.


As for the unreasonableness and the patience in the collecting modern society of the stress, both the health and the ecology will have difficult that even the happiness lets you last long to oneself.


The society which provides a thing and service to people expecting the work that I live, and can realize it with the actual feeling that oneself is thrown open by such a stress, and the contribution out of their happiness to the social happiness and global environment is connected.


It is Rojas.


Business and the service that were living that was such Rojas, Rojas came to just attract attention in Japan.


It is following five to become the keyword of Rojas.


Think about the element of a comfortable healthy living becoming basic for oneself.


Do consideration without the unreasonableness to keeping natural environments to surround their livings health.


As well as a judgment by information and the numerical value, improve "the five senses" finding a genuine article by the judgment by own sense.


Pick the highest technique and a new idea and a custom and the wisdom from old times, each good place, the need in a good balance.


It is convenient, and a good sense is good, and it is said, and, with that in mind, a parenthesis is easy for both a person and environment, and make sustainable economic system without denying comfortable life by city life and the consumption activity.