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Metabolic syndrome

I attract attention in a lifestyle-related disease in particular recently and am in condition that various diseases became easy to be caused with the metabolic syndrome becoming the topic for these past several years by internal organs fat type obesity.


In addition, metabolic syndrome is not obesity due to the subcutaneous fat, and internal organs fat type obesity becomes one of the big causes of the onset.


Each was not an independent different disease, and the lifestyle-related diseases such as adiposity and high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes knew that it was caused by the internal organs in particular and the obesity that fat accumulated around.


The person having a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome knows that I increase so as to reach one of four people in the men 40 years or older.


A meal with much fat and an everyday life pattern called the lack of exercise will greatly participate in the onset of the metabolic syndrome.


In addition, the person of the metabolic syndrome understands that the onset of cardiovascular diseases such as a stroke or myocardial infarction is higher as for 2.5 times than the person who is not so.


At first kinesitherapy and a diet cure to get rid of internal organs obesity are necessary for the cure for metabolic syndrome.


Above all, the exercise in particular understands what is reflected well by the increase and decrease of the internal organs fat.


Because it is related to a lifestyle closely, the metabolic syndrome reviews a lifestyle before developing, and it is important to cut off the chain of the further symptom.