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Diet and liposuction by impossible dieting and excessive exercise make a great difference very much.


Because diet is that the weight decreases by lowering one one of the fat cells, constitution does not change.


In addition, for example, the fat cell of the parts which do not want to get sterile such as chests becomes small, and it is to the body that I am thin, and there is not femininity.


In addition, there is possibility of the rebound in the diet after all in reaction of overdoing it and being careless a little.


However, because the liposuction is an operation of the improvement of constitution that can reduce the fat cell only for the part which wants to get sterile, it is over in a day, and there is no rebound at all.


In other words liposuction is a method to remove a part having extra fat outside a body with a special appliance together with a fat cell.


We do not have to worry to crumble, and there is not the rebound if I drop it once, and skin does not have to do liposuction again for the stress that physical strength declines for malnutrition.


But the made fat limits liposuction to the thing of the part which can let an appliance go through from subcutaneous fat or the outside.


Because it is not in condition to be able to remove fat about the internal organs fat to thrust around the internal organs, attention is necessary.


When I do not know it, I can check which fat is on by the prior counseling in the rough salon.


If I am worried about a figure and can catch superfluous flesh because fat to thrust visually is subcutaneous fat, I can lose it by liposuction.